This location has been on my session bucket list for a while now, and Savannah & Jacob were the perfect couple for it! When they showed up in matching Jordan’s, I screamed because it was such a vibe! Their wedding is in a few monthhs, so we had to get their engagement photos done ASAP so they could get their save-the-dates sent out, but with unpredictable winter weather, we didn’t want to risk it with an outdoor session.

I offered the idea of an in-home session, renting a studio, oooor doing something fun like the library or a museum- so when they told me they were going for a classy vibe, I knew The Carnegie Art Museum was the perfect location!

From the stone and marble throughout the entire space, to the obviously beautiful artwork everywhere, to even the elevators with the gorgeous carved doors… everywhere we looked was the perfect spot for a photo, and it was difficult to cram all of my ideas into one hour! My favorite shots are the blurry hand-passing ones, and obviously the coulmn ones because, how could those not be?

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