Y’all…It is 2023 and somehow the wedding industry is still lacking gender inclusivity so often fails at using gender inclusive language.

SO, so, so much of the language used when talking about weddings is bride and groom focused- and, obviously, not every couple that is getting married consists of a husband and wife!

We as creatives and vendors in the wedding industry need to be conscious of the language we are using when talking to and about potential clients.

Gender neutral terms can go a really long way in helping the wedding industry become a more inclusive space for all types of couples who are getting married!

Instead of “bride and groom” or “mr. and mrs.” or “husband and wife” use terms like “the newlyweds” or “the happy couple” or “partner,” “spouse,” and “significant other.”

Instead of saying “bridal party,” just simply say, “wedding party.”

These are just a few small examples, but its something we should all try to be more conscious of!

What are some ways that you’re contributing to the wedding industry becoming more a more gender inclusive environment?

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