When Morgan & Ryan first reached out to me, asking me to photograph their wedding, I quite literally yelled from excitement. Their inquiry described the location as a “private Victorian mansion”, which belonged to Morgan’s parents’. They told me they were both artists, with both of their respective mediums being in glass. I immediately looked at their Instagram accounts and I was BLOWN AWAY by their talents!

Its always such an honor to work with another artist, and I was positive that their day would be filled with so much attention to detail; full of intricacies, and beautiful, intimate moments. Their biggest request for their photos were to be sure I captured Morgan’s parents’ home in its authenticity, and to get candid photos of each and every one of their guests.

When my second shooter and I arrived, were were happily greeted by Morgan’s parents, as they gave me a brief tour of the house again (I stopped by a few months before the wedding to check out the space and meet with Morgan and Ryan and I was like a kid in a candy shop the whole time, spotting so many fantastic spots for portraits). The morning was easy and slow, and family members trickled in and lingered, laughing and relishing in the day before the big moment arrived.

The weather could not have been better, as friends and family gathered in the yard, and watched Morgan & Ryan say, “I do,” with their closest friends on either side of them, and another close friend as their officiant. We took portraits all over the property, then headed to the Elks Lodge that Morgan’s parents’ have been members of for years. Each of their guests joined them on the dancefloor for their first dance, Morgan’s father gifted them with personalized Heinz ketchup bottles, and we skipped golden hour portraits for photos in the old bowling alley above the hall!

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