Photographing An Engagement Session During the Eclipse in Cleveland, Ohio

Danielle & Justin booked me for their October wedding in Cleveland, Ohio- she described her day as witchy and non-traditional, which is exactly the type of wedding day I’m down to vibe at!! When she booked me, she was immediately ready to book her engagement session date, too. April 8th. Why’s that? They wanted me to photograph their engagement session during the eclipse!

The two of them invited me to their cozy home outside of Cleveland, Ohio- right in the path for totality. Traffic was due to be insane. I knew what should have been a 2 hour drive could easily be much more! So I set out almost 4 hours early, and got there in 3 and a half… OOF! It was truly a snails pace on the entire turnpike.

When I finally arrived, they were waiting outside for me, and even got me my own pair of eclipse sunglasses :’) We started off just staring at the sky together, occasionally mentioning how we noticed the subtle changes in light, or the shifts in noises from the nature around us.

By this point, the traffic on the street had stopped passing by. The neighbors were bringing out their lawn chairs, and cheering for the universe! The three of us had agreed that it was an almost eerie feeling. The light had almost gone from the sky. There was just enough to give a glow around us.

Totality crept up on us- and we all put our glasses down to admire the celestial event!

Honestly, I will never get over the lighting during the whole thing! It was so surreal, eerie, and somehow magical.

Cozy Photos After the Eclipse!

Once the sun came out from hiding, they invited me inside so that I could capture moments of them in their home. We just bopped around from room to room, following one of their four cats. Photographing an engagement session during the eclipse was amazing. However, I love when couples incorporate something that’s significant to them!

We wrapped the session up with a few quick photos outside their home, and they sent me on my way with the recommendation for an amazing Chinese restaurant! I truly cannot wait to capture their wedding this fall in Cleveland!

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